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 Turn Assist System AAS

  • Reducing the risk of accidents for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • The sensor can handle tough environmental conditions and works during the day and at night
  • Rugged design, engineered to operate in all weather conditions and is dirt resistant
  • Larger detection zone than required by Verkehrsblatt Copy 19 - 2018; No.149 
  • The AAS differenciates between stationary and moving objects
  • Proven robust technology
  • In conjunction with a camera System it can identify multiple objects

Components of the  MEKRA Turn Assist System (AAS)

The Side Defender is a radar based object detection system with a FMCW-radar sensor. The radar alerts the driver of a large commercial truck or communal vehicle if there is a vulnerable road user in the blind spot of the vehicle, i.e. bicyclist, other vehicles and pedestrians. Thanks to its smart operating modes, the AAS triggers alerts when bicyclists or other vehicles enter the detection zone. False alerts due to stationary objects are kept to a minimum (i.e. guard rails or parked cars).

The in-cab display on the A-pillar provides visual and audible alerts when potentially dangerous conditions arise next to the vehicle. Combined with our camera system is this a perfect solution to eliminate the dangerous blind spot.