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Radar sensors provide an additional monitoring option for a vehicle's environment.


Should an object or person enter the vehicle's path of travel, the operator is alerted by acoustic alarms and therefore able to react immediately. The alarm tone frequency as well as visual indictors let the operator know what the distance to the object is. If a camera system is used as well, the situation can easily be assessed by looking at the monitor.


The sensors supplied by our partner PRECO Electronics have been successfully employed in construction and earth-moving equipment for many years and are capable of detecting relevant close-proximity and long-distance areas of the machine. Detection range of three, four and a half, and six meters are standard for the majority of the applications, however, ranges oof up to 30 meters are also feasible.



Operating voltage9 - 33 V
Operating temperature-40 °C to +85 °C
Vibration resistance25 G
Protection classIP 69K 


The radar sensors are highly dirt-resistant and capable of reliably detecting objects and people even under difficult envirionmental conditions, such as dust, rain and snow. Furthermore, the sensors can be connected to our MEKRA monitor.


The sensors can also be set individually and adjusted to accommodate special configurations.