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We are a subsidiary of the MEKRA Group, the market leader for commercial vehicle vision systems. 

Our product portfolio consists of camera monitor systems and radar systems for object recognition and is designed for the tough operating conditions of trucks, construction machines and agricultural machines. 

The secret of our high customer satisfaction are high product availability, good accessibility as well as fast service, coupled with products in original equipment quality.

Convince yourself / Look and see!


For every requirement - the right solution.

We analyze the risks and dangers of their vehicles and machines and know the daily working conditions of drivers and machine operators.
This makes it possible for us to offer solutions tailored to the specific requirements and assignments of our customers.

Our focus on high product and service quality guarantees an optimal total cost of ownership.


Our mission


Because of their dimension and complexity, commercial vehicles and mobile work machines have increased safety risks for drivers, vehicles and their surroundings.

Inefficient processes and worst case incidents are often the consequences, resulting in increased costs for machine and employee downtimes, repairs and insurance.

Our goal is to avoid these dangers from the outset by providing competent advice and the use of our products.


Treat yourself to a proven higher degree of safety and comfort with camera monitor systems by MEKRAtronics.

Our vision ... is safety!