Bild ist in 3 Segmente aufgeteilt. Links Bild zeigt herannahenden Fahrradfahrer, rechts neben einen an der Ampel stehenden LKWs. Mitte Seitenbereichkamera am LKW rechts oben montiert. Rechtes Bild zeigt Monitor.

Blind Spot Assistant

Turning right with commercial vehicles at intersections requires the driver's full attention. Dangerous situations for cyclists and pedestrians arise especially when there is no visual contact between the parties involved.

The blind spot assisstant can reduce the number of turning accidents with property or personal injury and increase safety for all parties involved.

The Blind Spot Assistant's side view camera extends the field of view to the side of the vehicle. The ergonomic arrangement of the monitor allows the driver to be able to detect the danger area at a glance. As a result, people, cyclists and objects are clearly better recognized within the blind spot. 

The camera mounted on the side of the cab is automatically activated by the speed signal or the turn signal and captures the entire area to the right of the vehicle. 

This system can be extended to up to four cameras with both the control box and the monitor. Additional safety around the vehicle is realized, for example, by the rear view camera. Turn signals, reverse gear or other various vehicle signals can be used for control. 

A blind spot assistant is a side area camera. Thus, the driver has a safe view of the right side of the vehicle.