Camera Monitor System-
Tractor with Front Attachment 

The cross-traffic camera monitor system is used to eliminate the field of vision restriction due to the overhang of the front boom of more than 3,5 m or when using front-mounted attachments in road traffic. It replaces the mandatory instructor.

The requirements of the properties, in terms of function, operation, image quality and display, are met with our camera monitor system in accordance with the recommendations of the traffic bulletin 23/2016-180, when installed properly.

1. Monitor

Anbaubeispiel zeigt die Anbauposition des Monitors im Fahrerhaus des Traktors.
Bereich/Funktion Artikelbezeichnung Art.-Nr.
A monitor in the driver's cab  7" MEKRA LED Monitor 507405
Connecting cable 2 x miniDIN - ABS 7-pin (m-m) 927205
Direct connection cables ABS 7-pin - 2 x MEKRA (f-f) 971203

3. Blind Spot camera right

Seitenverkehrskamera am Frontanbaugerät des Traktors, Nummer 2, links
Bereich/Funktion Artikelbezeichnung Art.-Nr.
Blind Spot Camera CMOS Camera 50° PAL 101050
Camera Brackets  Mounting Bracket with a roof 701004
Camera brackets - optional Magnetic base 701005