Reversing camera-
Road Milling Machine

Areas behind the vehicle that cannot be viewed via direct vision or mirrors can be optimally captured with a reversing camera. An opening angle of 110° or 120 ° is ideal for this. Backstopping  is thus facilitated and accidents can be avoided. Premium ADR-certified ABS connections enable this solution on all vehicles.

1. Monitor

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Bereich/Funktion Artikelbezeichnung Art.-Nr.
A monitor in the driver's cab 7" MEKRA LED Monitor 507405
Monitor bracket - optional Heavy Duty Monitor Bracket 701015

2. workspace camera

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Bereich/Funktion Artikelbezeichnung Art.-Nr.
Direct connection cable AMP - MEKRA (f-f) 931005
Workspace camera CMOS Camera 70° NTSC 101072
Camera Brackets Standard brackets 701021

3. Rear View Camera

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Bereich/Funktion Artikelbezeichnung Art.-Nr.
Direct connection cables miniDIN - MEKRA (m-f) 921005
Reversing camera CMOS Camera 100° NTSC 101102
Camera Brackets  Mounting Bracket with a roof 701004