Reversing camera

Areas behind the vehicle that cannot be seen via direct vision or mirrors can be optimally captured with a rear view camera.

An opening angle of 100° or 120 ° is ideal here.

Backstopping is thus facilitated and accidents can be avoided. High-quality ADR-approved ABS connections enable this solution on all vehicles. 

Information and facts about the rear view camera

What is an rear view camera in the sense of MEKRAtronics?

For us, the focus is on the driver. He is the one who wants to maneuver and drive safely with the visual aids.
For this purpose, we offer him the following support: 

  • Gets a clear picture of the area behind the vehicle
  • Distortion-free display of the surroundings on the monitor
  • Clear points of orientation in the area around the vehicle 
  • Size ratios remain constant and thus create a reference to the surroundings 
  • The screen size is fully utilized for the display of camera images
  • Improved ergonomics and efficiency