FMS ECU Retrofitting

  • The FMS ECU allows the MEKRA AAS 1312 - CAN variant to be connected to most vehicles without a pre-equipped FMS interface,                    with existing CAN
  • The AAS-FMS retrofit KIT is required in connection with the FMS ECU


  • Supply voltage 10-30
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) 89mmx63mmx27mm
  • Weight 170 g
  • Current consumption 110mA
  • Operating Temperature -40°C - +85°C
  • LED 3-color Status LED
  • Connector 36-pin Connector 1 x read only
  • CAN-Bus 1xread/write Auto baud, 10-10,000 kbit/s
  • Output FMS/J939 Standard
Art.Number         Product Description
720107          To use FMS ECU in connection with KIT AAS-FMS 822031                  
822031 KIT AAS-FMS retrofit to be used in conjunction with 720107