Mirror Replacement System - Mirror Cam

Ergonomic and sensible mounting of exterior mirrors is often a challenge, especially on large and complex vehicles.

Our mirror replacement system for the off-ROAD area offers an optimal, ergonomic view by attaching high-intensity IPS Displays in the cabin. 

Individually placeable HD cameras provide an optimal view of the danger zones around the vehicle. The HDR Function provides a brilliant image even in backlight and darkness.

The bright IPS display with 1000 cd / m2 guarantees an excellent image even in direct sunlight.

Freely adjustable auxiliary lines help the driver to better estimate distances and thus facilitate daily work. The great flexibility of the mirror replacement system allows it to be adapted to a wide range of vehicles as reuqired.


Components of the system

Key features


Using the remote control of the mirror replacement system, auxiliary lines can be individually adjusted to the needs of the driver and the task.
Color, size, placement and orientation can be set freely for each camera.
Maneuvering, loading and backstopping are thus made much easier, as the driver can better estimate distances.
This is a significant added value of the mirror replacement system.

Zoom function

In the 2:3 view it is possible to enlarge the larger image of the mirror replacement system in 10 steps. Using the supplied remote control, the individual image section is optimally adapted to the application and the needs of the user during setup. A unique function in the field of mirror replacement systems.

Flexible image distribution

The AHD Mirror Monitor has two freely selectable orientations. It can be operated in both 2:3 and 1:1 ratio. The orientation is preset, but not mandatory. The remote control can be used to set the desired orientation during installation.

HD Cameras

The AHD Mirror Cams deliver a razor-sharp image in an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The user can thus optimally perceive the environment and maneuver safely. The analog transmission technology guarantees a low-latency and brilliant presentation of the video content.

HDR Cameras

Through the HDR Function of the high-resolution cameras, objects can be perceived in detail simultaneously in the shadow areas and the bright areas. Even with backlight, an excellent image is shown.

High-brightness display

The modern IPS display with 1000 cd / m2 makes it possible to optimally perceive the displayed image even in direct sunlight. A sensor adjusts the brightness to the ambient light. The large viewing angle ensures good visibility from all viewing directions.