Surround View

An overview of everything at a glance: The MEKRA Surround View system is based on cameras that have been tried and tested for many years and are extremely robust, which are combined in the new monitor generation to provide an all-round view.

The driver can manually define the display of the individual camera images himself according to his requirements or have them displayed automatically via vehicle signals. In this way, the view of critical and necessary areas is optimally adapted to the viewing requirements:

Rear view camera, the combination of side and rear view cameras up to the complete all-round view.

The system does not require a computer unit to combine the camera images, which would  require calibration during the initial installation. In addition, no new "blind spots" are created with complex machine shapes.

Facts about the Surround View System:

  • No calibration and calculation units are necessary
  • No distorted representation of the environment 
  • No "ghosting" of people and objects 
  • Good allocation of size ratios and distances 
  • Flexible selection of the opening angle and mounting position of the cameras so that all areas around the vehicle can be viewed optimally (also at the corners)
  • Fade-in guide lines provide additional orientation 
  • Automatic, application-specific display of the camera image - e.g. view to the right when turning right 
  • Retrofitability for a wide variety of applications is optionally possible 
  • 3 to 4 wide-angle cameras for capturing the entire vehicle area and the environment (opening angle from 100° to 130° - selectable according to the desired camera position and machine size)
  • Integrated preset for the appropriate arrangement of the camera images for uninterrupted image reproduction in real time 
  • Adjustable viewing areas and distances for vehicle type and application 
  • Individually adjustable triggers for different perspectives