Turn Assist AAS 1312

Eligible for funding with ABE

  • Reduction of risks for cyclists and pedestrians
  • By using a radar system, objects are detected even in fog, twilight and darkness
  • The radar sensor is resistant to dirt
  • Larger detection range than recommended in Verkehrsblatt issue 19 - 2018; lfd No.149
  • Differentiation of moving and stationary objects
  • Proven robust technology
  • In combination with a camera system, the identification of several objects is possible.

Components of the MEKRA Turn Assist System (AAS)

The side radar is an object detection system with an FMCW radar sensor. Drivers of medium-sized and heavy commercial vehicles are alerted to obstacles and vulnerable road users located in their blind spot. Thanks to intelligent operating modes, the side radar system reliably triggers alerts when cyclists or other vehicles and people are in the detection zone. Since the system can distinguish between moving and stationary objects (e.g. guardrails and parked cars), false alarms are kept to a minimum. 

The Turn assist


The detection zone



Our turn assist system is radar based and in case of danger of a person or moving object in the blind spot, an acoustic warning is triggered in the driver's cab. Combined with our camera monitor system, it is the ideal solution to eliminate the blind spot.