Turn Assist AAS BSIS 151

The new generation of the turn assist monitors an area of 70 x 4.5 meters to the right of the vehicle. With three warning levels, it warns of a possible collision with other road users. The small installation space and the simple installation allows easy retrofitting.

Eligible for funding with ABE.

The AAS BSIS 151 is compliant with the new EU Regulation ECE R151, which will take effect from June 2024.

Intelligent algorithms detect cyclists and pedestrians and warn the driver of a possible collision.

How the AAS BSIS 151 works

The AAS BSIS 151 turn assist on radar basis, (77GHz), has been developed for object recognition for large commercial vehicles.

It warns interactively, both visually and acoustically. The AAS BSIS 151 is able to distinguish between motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles.

It has a detection range of a maximum of 80 x 7 meters, to the right of the vehicle. At 180 °, it has the largest detection angle without blind spots.

It complies with European standards and passes UN ECE R151 certification.

The IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit ) is an integrated measurement unit that contains, among other things, sensors for detecting speed and direction change. This element makes it possible to determine all the necessary data without making another tap for vehicle data. The installation is thus considerably simplified.

The system is easy to install and has automatic alignment. No additional control unit is required for installation.

The AAS BSIS 151 is suitable for trucks, buses, vans, fire trucks, municipal vehicles, working machines and special vehicles.

The entire warning zone of 37 m x 4.5 m is divided into three zones. This makes it easy for the driver to see where the person at risk is located.



180° Side Radar

LED Display




Plastic cover for radar

Metal holders for radar




Warning zones

Radar sensor