Video-Radio-System MWD

A continuous wired video link is not always feasible. This is where the MEKRAtronics
video radio system provides a remedy.

In the frequency range of 5.84 GHz, the video signal is transmitted in frequency hopping mode. This ensures low-latency and virtually interference-free image transmission.

The system is extremely robust and resistant to high-pressure cleaners. This opens up a wide variety of application possibilities under harshest conditions. This is complemented by the proven MEKRA Lang IP 69K plug-in connection, which enables fast waterproof assembly.

In both large and small plants, the radio system can be used to view processes and distribute them to several recipients.
For example, the fill level of a loader car can be sent to several feeder vehicles. Should the connection be interrupted or disturbed, the driver is alerted by a warning.

The additional pairing lines (white + black) on the transmitter and receiver can be used to provide an additional
button to pair the connection within reach of the user. This applies  particularly if the receiver is to be installed in a location that is difficult to access and the push button is to be elegantly integrated into the instrument carrier.

Transmitter and receiver can be purchased separately, allowing modular expansion to multiple vehicles.

A better view of the load with the MEKRAtronics MWD Forkcam with 45° opening angle

Better visibility increases safety and efficiency when maneuvering.

MWD Forkcam 45°, a radio camera for mounting to the fork of a forklift through an integrated strong magnet.



Camera positioning without laying cables with the MEKRAtronics MWD Flexcam 120° wireless camera with battery

The MWD Flexcam 120° can be mounted by means of an integrated strong magnet and transmits the image to a receiver. The battery operated camera, is completely independent and allows a flexible and optimal positioning.