Digital Camera Monitor System

The digital Surround vision system from MEKRA Lang is based on extremely robust components. that have been specially developed for the use on commercial vehicles.

The individual camera images are merged in the Monitor. Digital cameras with the transmission standard 100 BASE TX (Fast Ethernet) and analog cameras in PAL or NTSC format can be combined. The display is available in sizes 7“, 10“ and 12".

The display can be adapted to the individual requirements of driver and machine and automatically displayed via vehicle signals. The view of hazardous areas is optimally expanded. Front, rear and side areas are viewed depending on the situation. The result is a clear all-around view. The system does not require any additional processing unit. It is not necessary to calibrate the images. Even complex machine shapes can be perfectly viewed.

Digital vision system ISO 5006 compliant

*No "ghosting" in the overlapping zones.

*No calibration necessary.

*Freely selectable opening angles and positioning of the cameras.

* Robust OEM quality.



*Two analog and two digital direct connectors for cameras.

*Expandable to up to 8 cameras.

*Fully functional and freely adjustable "READY TO RUN" software available.