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This website is provided by: MEKRAtronics GmbH


Buchheimer Str. 4
91465 Ergersheim

+49 9847 989-0


The company is a limited liability company in 91465 Ergersheim, Germany, and registered with the Fürth Registration Court, HRB 13295.


Managing Directors:  Jacob Lambert Gerrit Jan Snel


Email: infomekratronicsde

VAT Tax ID: DE 815 333 342


Editorial Responsibility:
MEKRAtronics GmbH

Buchheimer Str. 4

91465 Ergersheim

E-Mail: infomekratronicsde 


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a) Proprietary content liability:
As a provider,
MEKRAtronics GmbH is liable for its own content according to generally applicable legal provisions. The website content was created with great care. Due to the technical characteristics of the Internet, however MEKRAtronics GmbH cannot assume liability for its accuracy, completeness and currentness.

b) Third-party content liability:
MEKRAtronics GmbH own content is to be differentiated from links or cross-references to other home pages, websites, Internet postings, etc.

By pointing to such offerings, MEKRAtronics GmbH provides the user with access to "third-party content", which MEKRAtronics GmbH, however, has no control over, including its design. MEKRAtronics GmbH can only be held liable for the above-mentioned third-party content, if it has specific knowledge thereof or of the fact that the content is unlawful and/or illegal, and insofar as MEKRAtronics GmbH is technically able and can be reasonably expected to prevent its use. For this reason, links and cross-references are inspected for any legal violations at the time the links are activated. At the time of link activation, no illegal and/or unlawful content was evident.

Unless specifically notified of any illegal and/or unlawful content, MEKRAtronics GmbH cannot be reasonably expected to monitor cross-referenced contents continuously, due to the dynamic nature of both the Internet and the links. MEKRAtronics GmbH is only obliged to remove a cross-reference when, through its own discovery and/or through third-party notification, it gains specific knowledge of the illegal content of such cross-reference. MEKRAtronics GmbH requests notification of any infringement of third-party rights caused by a cross-reference and will investigate any such notification immediately. Should the investigation confirm the existence of illegal and/or unlawful content, MEKRAtronics GmbH will remove the infringing cross-reference.

Communication by Email:
Communication by email involves certain risks. While
MEKRAtronics GmbH spares no effort to ensure that every necessary technical and organizational precaution is taken, total confidentiality cannot be guaranteed and emails may be read, stored and/or misused by third parties.

Should you wish to provide MEKRAtronics GmbH with confidential information, please encrypt the respective emails and/or send the information by traditional mail.

Data Protection and Privacy:
MEKRAtronics GmbH is committed to protecting your personal data, and will safeguard your information according to applicable legal provisions.

When you visit our website, the following information will be collected and stored:

Each access to MEKRAtronics GmbH website as well as each request for one of the files deposited here (name of the file, date and time of the request, data volume transmitted, notificiation of successful request, web browser and requesting domain). The data is stored for internal, system-related and statistical purposes only. In addition, the requesting computer's IP address will be logged. Any additional personal data will only be collected, if made available to us by you voluntarily, e.g. when you submit a request or during the registration process.

Any disclosure of your personal data is limited to situations in which the information is needed for contract performance or billing purposes and in all such cases requires your prior consent. You may withdraw such consent at any time with future effect. In this case, or if use of your personal data is no longer required for the purpose for which it was originally stored, or if storage is no longer legally permissible for other reasons, the collected personal data shall be erased.

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You can configure your web browser to prevent it from storing cookies. You will find more detailed information on this feature in your browser's documentation or help file. While we try to avoid this situation, it is possible that you will not be able to use or fully use some websites or parts thereof, if you prevent the use of cookies.

MEKRAtronics GmbH has taken great care in creating the download data. However, the company assumes no liability for any errors or omissions with regard to schemes, drawings, matching OE codes, images, etc., and reserves the right to modify the content at any time without prior notification.

Our offers are exclusively at entrepreneurs as defined in para. 14 BGB (German Civil Code) and are solely governed by these General Terms and Conditions.

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