People Detection Camera ADAS

The AI people detection camera provides HD images (1080P) of critical areas around the vehicle, in a very good resolution and responds to a wide range of lighting conditions in about 200ms. Areas that are not covered by conventional mirrors are thus monitored.

The system is expandable to a 360° surround view system.

Using deep learning technology, it detects pedestrians and vehicles in real time and warns the driver acoustically and visually. Through this detection and warning, the driver is actively supported to perceive people and vehicles in his defined environment to avoid collisions. Vehicles can be equipped with up to 4 cameras all around.

The complete computing power and display is located in the camera. 

The camera system with person recognition is an assistance system (ADAS) and supports the operator in his work, but the operator is still responsible according to his work instructions from the employer.

Components of the System


ADA Accessories



ADAS Features and Highlights

IP 69K

Designed for rough conditions, the camera is resistant to high-pressure cleaners according to IP 69K

Configuration via WiFi

The camera can be configured via any standard end device, such as tablet or cell phone via Wi-Fi using the browser.

Vibration Resistance

The camera withstands shocks of up to 5.9 G and has been tested and validated according to ISO 16750,3.

Detection Range

The detection range of the camera is adjustable between 0.5 and 10m and can thus be adjusted perfectly to the respective requirements.

HD Quality Images

The person detecting camera  images the areas around the vehicle in HD quality and reacts in less than 200ms even in the most varied lighting conditions.

Deep Learning Technology

The AI camera detects pedestrians and vehicles in real time and warns the driver acoustically and visually. This active support improves awareness of the vehicle's surroundings, which can prevent collisions.